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Women Who Made India Proud In The Startup World

Vandana Luthra | Richa Kar | Shraddha Sharma

Gone are the days when women sat in the kitchen. Now is the time for them to shine, showcase their talent and make their presence felt. Do not believe us? Here is taking a look at some entrepreneurs who have made India stand tall and proud!

1. Vandana Luthra 

A homemaker in her early days, Vandana Luthra began her career in the year 1989. What makes her journey so interesting is that when Vandana started off her career, there were not many female entrepreneurs in the field. Before VLCC became the ground breaking phenomenon of today, Vandana took a good 6 years to convince people that wellness was a large domain which involved a collaboration of beauty, health and fitness experts. In other words, wellness is the combination of a cosmetologist, a nutritionist, and a doctor. However, once the idea took off, it became a revolution like never before, breaking all grounds and making heads turn!

2. Richa Kar 

Richa Kar is the ideal description of everything a woman is not expected to be in a patriarchal country like India. By founding Zivame, the first ever lingerie store for India, Richa literally changed the ordinary woman’s perception towards something as essential as underwear. Once the idea struck her, there was no looking back. With an initial investment of Rs. 30 lakhs from friends and family, went online. She did face a lot of apprehension and discomfort while explaining her business idea to her family and others, but she made sure she rose above it all. Now, not only is buying lingerie an accepted practice, it also has the much needed touch of fashion and acceptance!

3. Shraddha Sharma 

Shraddha Sharma, the founder of YourStory, realised early on in life that negativity and rejection is part and parcel of every day happenings when working towards success. Everyone has a story which needs to be told and realising this need, Shraddha decided to start a platform solely dedicated to telling the tales of those who have fought and lived to tell the tales of their struggles. A girl from a remote place in Patna is today marshaling stories not only from all over the country, but from all over the world.

Women are growing every day. Women are realising their potential every day. Struggles are but part and parcel of life and by keeping an eye on the future, women are able to stand tall in a world dominated by men.

This article was originally published by Startup Stories.

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