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Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. The Story Of WagPro

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Pet-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describes us. We know each animal is different, and We’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a pet, have a new pet, or already own a pet with behavioral problems, We are here to help!

WagPro Pvt. Ltd. has developed a very special reputation with the pet owners in South India. We believe that being firm and having a clear set of boundaries is one thing, but being fierce is just not necessary. Dogs, and many other animals, are social animals, who enjoy love and family life. Let’s get them out of the dog house, give them more positive re-enforcement, and turn them into another family member!

The struggles I mainly faced is to get people involved with this. Hiring internationally certified trainers and to start building the trust with the pet owners was the most difficult challenge for me.

Since I'm still pursuing my bachelors, if I was in the official BOD or a share holder then people would start questioning if I am interested in engineering. Already a few faculties think I don't need engineering and that I'm just doing time pass here in the college. To remove all this, I made my mother the founder and I handle the works unofficially so that my name is not visible anywhere.

My experience with Wagpro right from the start has been a roller coaster ride. It all started when I heard that trainers in Chennai or even south india are not trained well enough themselves to train the dogs. I've heard a lot of stories where the dog have been abused, harmed by the trainers in the name of training. This made me think and started reaching about how this is done in the US and European countries.

Once I understood how the training is suppose to happen, I started looking for people who are well aware of the structure. After few months I found wagpro's strongest pillar, She was just a trainer who was certified in India and working as a freelancer, But now she is Internationally certified and now takes courses for trainers.

WagPro in a short span of time has reached a good position in the pet industry having over 6-7 full time trainers. Our goal is to reach at least 8-9 cities by the end of next year.

This was possible also because funding was not an issue and money was made available whenever we needed it.

-This blog is written by- Sailesh Kumar K

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