National Student Entrepreneur Network

National Student Entrepreneur Network (NSEN) is a nationwide network of students who aspire to change the world with the ideas. NSEN helps students to discover their leadership & entrepreneurial drive by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences outside of the classroom. It helps the students in developing the required leadership and entrepreneurial skills through the intensive membership program, where they are given wings to explore the startup culture and set a strong foundation for their innovative endeavors.

Our Vision

To develop an integrated networking platform for the students having entrepreneurial mindset and to bridge the gap between the startup ecosystem and aspiring student entrepreneurs by channelizing and strengthening the
Pre-incubation activities.

Our Mission

To foster an insightful entrepreneurial culture, nurturing the members of NSEN with valuable skillsets, necessary knowledge, and creating a community filled with creativity and profound innovations, supported by the Experience.

The Problem

The Availablity of the requisite physical infrastructure but the lack of entrepreneurial education at school and  post school stage, clearly shows the gap between the available resources and the aspiring entrepreneurs. In India, we have good incubation facilities, but we clearly lack the proper pre-incubation channel for the students.
Declining Jobs is an alarming indication towards the need of Creating Jobs and thinking of alternatives.

Solution : The Mindset

Success here. Learning entrepreneurship changes mindsets, changes lives, changes the world. We must equip young individuals with an innovator’s eye and a founder’s grit–the skills to excel in an innovation and fuel up the  economy.
At NSEN, students are introduced to various corporate portfolios which help them to develop their entrepreneurship and leadership skills. With the integrated development program and resources, students can develop skills optimized for the future of employment, Lateral thinking, leadership and communication abilities which will propel them to achieve their goals. With the network, students can build the Interdisciplinary connections among other students and this network will Foster the connection among the students across the nation.
And with economists predicting the jobs of tomorrow don’t even exist today, entrepreneurial and leadership skills are skills for life.

Communication & Collaboration

The ability to clearly express ideas to an intended audience, including persuading others to work towards a common goal.

Initiative & Self-Reliance

The power to initiate and take ownership of a project without relying on the inputs from others and work through obstacles independently.

Flexibility & Adaptability

The ability and willingness to change actions and plans to overcome present and future challenges.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

The capacity to apply higher-level, process-oriented thinking, consider an issue from a range of possible perspectives, and use that reasoning to make decisions.

Opportunity Recognition

The practice of realizing and experiencing problems as opportunities to create solutions.

Comfort with


The ability to clearly express ideas to an intended audience, including persuading others to work towards a common goal.

Creativity & Innovation

The ability to think of ideas and create relevant solutions to problems thinking unconventionally and exploring possibilities.



The capacity to move forward with a decision despite inevitable uncertainty, insecurities and challenges.

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