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Be The Owner Of The Things You Own With Q-Chain

Ayush Singh Chauhan & Mohit Joher, Founders of Push I/O, Microsoft Student Partners are the young talented minds who aim there future in upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things have transformed there passion into Startup.

They Introduced there first product recently as Q-Chain (A Keychain with a QR Code).

It all started with an idea of a key chain with different and helpful features and Implemented in just 7 hours. With Q-Chain your emergency contacts just one QR scan away. It gives your things identity.

“The difficulties were the commitment and delivering every product without having independent and fail safe monoliths. We wasted a lot of work power and resources in making when we failed our existing plans on how to deliver product.”- Says Ayush

The biggest Challenge for them was to solve the issue of lost keys inexpensively without adding much in it. They looked at it in a quite different way and there was the key idea “That instead of you finding your own key, let everyone else find you and return it back to you”

On a closing Note Ayush said :

“Having a startup which encourages people to be a better human is what we intended to be. If Q-Chain gets in every home it also promotes humanity in channels so that everyone can help. It's a great feeling being influential and there's a lot more to be done.”

For details regarding Q-Chain visit :

-This blog is written by- Lakshya Singhvi

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