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Moto : Life Of Girl Organization

Considering the stark increase of onslaughts over women, especially in India, and a rapid decrease in their social security, led a group of like-minded people who had their best interests in encountering this burning issue to give birth to a startup which

caters the social needs of women and to improve their social sense of security.

The CEO, Joseph Kintukuri who was raised in a socially responsible family background, mentioned that the Nirbhaya Incident of 2012 is what set off his journey in making this startup. After 6 years of brain storming him and his teammates started the company to make the society a better place to live in.

The team describe themselves as “An extended ideal family” which can provide information and security to every woman who is in need of them. They aim to make the woman to feel as secure as she is in her own home.

They created a mobile application, which goes by the same name, which informs the user the safe places near them, including their distance, and alerts the nearest police station in case of imminent

danger.Furthermore, it will be developed to provide the service of social networking, increase the awareness of girl's education, give information about e-commerce and encourage the entrepreneurial skills of a woman.The team strongly believe that it will surely make a positive impact on the womanhood of the society.

Since the mobile application is free of cost, the startup acquires its venture capital mostly by sponsorship rather than investments. They increased their reach by conducting fundraisers and inviting

the benefactors who would like to contribute for the cause. The team sells their products (other than the application, of course) and services to further increase their capital.

The team started a website - and is conducting surveys on rural empowerment and women to improve their knowledge domain on present situation of the society and improve their efforts in benefiting the women.

The team members are sweating together despite of all the passing

clouds of pejorative opinions to make the country a finer place to

dwell in with maximum sense of security for women.

This article was originally written by Butti Ishwarya.

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