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Meet the make my mini team

Here is an untold story featuring an epic journey of an engineering graduate hailing from Indore Mr. Yogendra Bagora who’s sheer determination and a strong inclination towards experimenting made his way to the world of fine art and 3D sculptures which lead him to the discovery of “MAKE MY MINI.” All this started way back at the advent of his struggling phase where he was working as a recruiter but it is all in the hands of almighty he takes wherever you are destined to reach, and then he happened to switch his job and got associated with a company who used to deal with 3D prints which took off his career to a new horizon where he got in touch with the latest technologies used in making 3D prints which grew his interest in this particular field.

As he started surfing the internet out of curiosity where he saw the complete detailing of the bodily aspects such as skin, face, marks, and appearances which made him arrive at a final decision of putting all this in an art form. He started procuring the resources and assembled the required machinery moreover this helped him in find right people for the right job, and this is how he got in touch with Mr. Ankit Punyasi, a 3D artist who made the stunning miniature resin sculptures with the help of 3D prints of the samples shown to him. The main concern is to step into the virtual reality not with the intention of emulating the reality but to explore and discover numerous opportunities in compliance with the latest technologies made available through abacus(computer) with an objective of manifesting actuality concerning the production of something unique with new art forms, realities and individual experiences, which is considered as a paradigm shift at most.

The futuristic range of gifts with the vision is here and this unique idea of

Sculpting the miniature models derived from the 3D prints of the humane is not restricted to mere emulation moreover it can be a excellent present with a practical solution of buying birthday gifts for your loved ones. We make miniatures for which we need a picture of the person and make a complete replica, certain distortions can be made according to the demand of the individual. The machinery and the resources that are put to use are of high quality like the scanner used to create 3D prints has an accuracy of 90-95% through which we try to deliver the best keeping in mind the individual gifting needs and henceforth we are here to deliver you with the unique and personalized services that we can.

Apart from just a gifting option these intricate and cute miniature resin sculptures will also add culture and tradition to your home and can be a great package with the element of super surprise for your loved ones and you can never go wrong with these uncommon fun elements tailor-made to the recipient’s choices.

Apart from being merely a way to surprise your folks and celebrants this can be the next best revolution in the medical field and our team is working through the same rather coming up with idea of manufacturing the prosthesis like artificial arms, limbs and braces so that this can be of help for the handicapped or those who are suffering with the severe injuries or are under congenital conditions. The objective is to provide mobility to the handicapped keeping in mind the desperate need of such devices in the medical industry as this can provide a cost-effective remedy for the missing body parts for the people in need. Looking at the ever-changing scenario and shifts in the demand within the market and certain industries “MAKE MY MINI” is making its way into being an open source for easy access and will allow others to collaborate with us throughout the utilization of the technology and improving the designs.  This is aimed at designing something that can easily escape the hassle of modern prosthetics and will also look more sophisticated. The team believes that this is going to surely revolutionise the prosthetics which will also lower down the cost and will also give doctors, engineers an opportunity to modify the whole concept and harness the good instilled in it.

“MAKE MY MINI” is consistently growing with a greater vision and is now a three-person entity with the addition of SMM Mr. Manish Bhagat and is hoping to deliver the best nationwide.

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