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Cultivating The Next Generation Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Created by Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs.

You’ve been thinking about starting your own startup, but don’t know where to begin. You have product ideas but aren't sure whether there’s a market for them. You need some business training, but don't need an MBA, and aren't ready or looking for an investment-driven business incubator. You need something more approachable, more entry-level. This is it.

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Start something great. We're here to help.

We designed Introduction to Entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to ground themselves in business basics and solid fundamentals with our unique offerings. When you're ready to begin, we're ready to help.

Workshop Series

Eship Simplified offers a comprehensive series of transformational workshops, designed to inspire budding Entrepreneurs to become innovative change makers, and transform the ideas into successful businesses.

Starting a startup usually requires months or even years of preparations. At startup weekend, we give you only 54Hrs to build a startup with a team of strangers. Its a once in a life time opportunity to find out what it takes to produce a viable startup in the real world.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is a programme which helps in developing entrepreneurial abilities. The skills that are required to run a startup successfully is developed among the students through this unique programme. 

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Everything is included. Except the excuses.

Eship Simplified helps passionate, young entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level while having a lasting impact on their educational and professional development with the help of our Tools, Resources, and our entrepreneur's network where you will find like-minded changemakers and innovators of the future.

Eship Simplified offers you a unique entrepreneurs network which will enable sharing of knowledge, experiences, and help you build relations between the startup communities and the budding entrepreneurs. You can create your free profile, share your startup stories, participate in the forum, collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from open tools and resources designed for startups. Create your free account now to be a part. 

Learning Resources has a variety of hands-on educational content designed for entrepreneurs and startups of all levels and with different industry backgrounds. We seek at once to provide practical resources and tools that foster the enhancement of entrepreneurial learning and to develop greater understanding about the principals of entrepreneurship. You can find topics on Bunisess Model, Persona Development, Value Proposition Canvas to name a few. 

Are you a student? NSEN Awaits you!

National Student Entrepreneur Network (NSEN) is a nationwide network of students who aspire to change the world with the ideas. NSEN helps students to discover their entrepreneurial drive by providing opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences outside of the classroom. It helps the students in developing the required leadership and entrepreneurial skills through the intensive membership program, where they are given wings to explore the startup culture and set a strong foundation for their innovative endeavors.

We are going global!! Collaborate with us!

Are you the stakeholder of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem? Collaborate with us and take the movement global. We are looking to partner with Startup clubs, Universities, Schools and Student organizations across the globe. Let's discuss how can we empower the Entrepreneurship together. Contact us Now!!! 

Are You Ready To Begin Your Startup Experience?

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