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About Us

Eship Simplified is a subsidiary of "Startup India Advisers" launched with the aim to simplify the concepts of entrepreneurship for students.  Startup India Advisers, the parent company, was launched in November 2016, is a Strategic program, for supporting the aspiring entrepreneurs with great ideas by providing them with Seed fund, Strategic
support, Market Access, Mentor-ship, and incubation. The main focus of the company was to serve existing startups/small businesses, helping them overcome the challenges. So far we have successfully served and worked alongside 134 startups from across the nation.

After working several years in the startup environment, we realized the true potential in students who were enthusiastic to start a startup but faced challenges in developing their ideas and lacked a proper formal way to validate it. Eship
Simplified was launched in July 2017 to address this problem. It offers a platform, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, to Students who have been thinking about starting their own startup but don’t know where to begin. Who have product ideas but aren't sure whether there’s a market for them. Who needs some business training, but don't
need an MBA, and aren't ready or looking for an investment-driven business incubator. Who needs something more approachable, more entry-level.


Since our launch, we have successfully managed campus ambassador program and currently have reached in 89 colleges across 54 cities serving 15,000 students through our platform. To create awareness and to help startups in their journey we have successfully conducted workshops and events in JECRC University, Jaipur, Pune University, DDIT university, Nadiad, Banglore college of engineering, and Mumbai University to name a few.

What's More:

To address the Social Needs and for the betterment of the society, Startup India Advisers has launched a Social platform, "Startup NationGO" for Social Entrepreneurs, who use their entrepreneurial skills to solve challenges for the betterment of the society. Ever since the launch, we are working with several national and international NGOs helping them in their missions.

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