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How a fitness startup is changing the lives of people

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Sagar Sengupta , a Fitness counsellor, lifestyle coach, Online trainer, Nutritionist and an Entrepreneur is a person with life changing ethos who’s unwavering resolve superseded his needto live within the status quo.

It all started with the idea of having good balanced food and bringing change in the perception of people about healthy food. He commenced his entrepreneurial journey with his expertise in FITNESS , and initiated TREADMEAL NUTRITION PVT LTD. with the main moto to change the lifestyle dynamics of an average being by adding a pinch of health.

“Well, what made me an entrepreneur is the need to have a purpose , a purposeful life through which you can say and term something as yours.” – Says Sagar

What were the difficulties you had to go through while you were working for your start-up?

“I think the difficulty was , not knowing things and people say the scenario is that you know and then you do but no , that’s not what the case is ... ‘you learn and implement’ , that’show it works! My expertise is fitness but to fool myself by saying that I know how to do business will be like killing myself.

So accept what it is , I do not know anything about running a pvt ltd.

company and everywhere you will go in the professional front , they will not teach you , they willsponge you off. Engineering has taught me logic and i have applied that logic in fitness.”

This blog is written by- Ananya Dixit

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